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Full Stack FastAPI Template

Templates, while typically come with a specific setup, are designed to be flexible and customizable. This allows you to modify and adapt them to your project's requirements, making them an excellent starting point. 🏁

You can use this template to get started, as it includes a lot of the initial set up, security, database and some API endpoints already done for you.

GitHub Repository: Full Stack FastAPI Template

Full Stack FastAPI Template - Technology Stack and Features

  • FastAPI for the Python backend API.
    • 🧰 SQLModel for the Python SQL database interactions (ORM).
    • 🔍 Pydantic, used by FastAPI, for the data validation and settings management.
    • 💾 PostgreSQL as the SQL database.
  • 🚀 React for the frontend.
    • 💃 Using TypeScript, hooks, Vite, and other parts of a modern frontend stack.
    • 🎨 Chakra UI for the frontend components.
    • 🤖 An automatically generated frontend client.
    • 🦇 Dark mode support.
  • 🐋 Docker Compose for development and production.
  • 🔒 Secure password hashing by default.
  • 🔑 JWT token authentication.
  • 📫 Email based password recovery.
  • ✅ Tests with Pytest.
  • 📞 Traefik as a reverse proxy / load balancer.
  • 🚢 Deployment instructions using Docker Compose, including how to set up a frontend Traefik proxy to handle automatic HTTPS certificates.
  • 🏭 CI (continuous integration) and CD (continuous deployment) based on GitHub Actions.